The Faculty of Sports Science and Recreation (FSR) was established in 1995 as is one of the new faculties in UiTM. By its establishment UiTM became one of the first institution of higher learning in Malaysia to offer a program in the field of Sport Science, Sport Management, Recreation & Leisure. In its early stage, the Faculty only offered some programs at the diploma level.

The establishment of this Faculty is in line with the development in the sports industry in Malaysia that needs professionals and experts in the area of Sports Science, Sport Management & Recreation. It is hoped that it will function as the main contributor of highly skilled professionals for the sports industry.

In 1996, the Faculty collaborated with University of New South Wales , Australia in implementing Sports Science program at the Masters level. This was the first postgraduate program in Sports Science ever offered in Malaysia . The 18 th month program successfully produced its first batch of graduates in 1998. The graduates are now holding high posts in the sports organizations and institutions both in the government and private sectors. In 1999, the Faculty introduced the Bachelor Degree in Sports Science (Honours) and the Bachelor Degree in Sports Management (Honours) to meet the demand for professionals in these areas.

In May 2002, the Faculty of Sports Science & Recreation offered the diploma program at UiTM branches in Perlis and Sarawak . The Faculty also launched its Postgraduate Program at the Masters level in Sports Science at the main Shah Alam campus.

In July 2005, the Faculty of Sport Science & Recreation succeed to launch the PhD  programme in Sport Science mainly in campus of UiTM Shah Alam to go in line with the present globalization and catered with the aim of Malaysia Higher Educational vision to become the Regional Education Excellence Center.


Faculty of Sports Science & Recreation

Bangunan Akademik 3, Universiti Teknologi MARA,
40450 Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA

Tel : (+603) 55442912/2913 
Faxs : (+603) 55442910 

Email : fsr@salam.uitm.edu.my 






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