The program was designed to provide fundamental theoretical knowledge in relation to sport and exercise sciences. The programme also provides a lot of hands on for students to acquire technical and practical skills in exercise setting. Graduates from this programme are expected to meet demands from sport and health related  industries in the country or at least to provide a firm foundation for the students should they pursue for Bachelor degree.


  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology of Human Movement
  • Test Measurement and Evaluation in Exercise and Sport
  • Exercise Methodology and Physical Conditioning for Sport
  • Methodology of Sport Training and Coaching
  • Lifelong Fitness
  • Creative Movement and Exercise
  • Health Promotion and Wellness
  • Introduction to Kinesiology
  • Introduction to Exercise Physiology
  • Principles of Human Nutrition
  • Fundamental of sport Psychology
  • Professional activity (Golf,Swimming,Track and Field)
  • Acquisition of Basic Sport skills
  • Fundamental of Sport Biomechanics
  • Sport Safety and Emergency Care
  • Fundamental of Exercise Rehabilitation


 Fullfill General University Requirement and Special Program Requirement. The Selection of the candidate is based on the excellent performance during an interview and the fitness test conducted by the faculty.


 PASS SPM or any equivalent qualification recognized by the Malaysian Government by obtaining  FIVE(5) CREDITS   including Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu) AND a Pass in History (Sejarah) at SPM



ssSPM / Any Eguivalent Qualification Recognized by the Malaysian Govermenttt

1. Fulfill General University Requirement including CREDIT

  • Mathematics/Additional Mathematics
  • English Language


  •  PASS Physic/Chemistry/Biology/Additional Science/Science/Knowledge (Pengetahuan Sains Sukan)/ applied Science and PASS in History (Sejarah) at SPM


ssSPM / Any Eguivalent Qualification Recognized by the Malaysian Goverment with Working Experiencett

PASS SPM or any equivalent qualification recognized by Malaysian Government by obtaining THREE (3) CREDITS including Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu)


  • PASS in Mathematics/Additional Mathematics
  • Pass Physic/Chemistry/Biology/Additional Science/Science/Knowledge in Sport Science
  • Pass English Language
  • Pass History (Sejarah)


THREE (3) years working experience in related field or Two (2) years involvement in sports at  state/national level.



3. PASS in Pre-Commerce (PD 003) or Pre-Science (PD 008) or Pre-Accounting (PD005) from UiTM with minimum CGPA 2.50.


ppPASS an Interview and fitness test conducted by the Faculty.PP


  Full Time : 3 years (6 semester)